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Finding your way to us

Simply make your way to the large building that looks like a cross between Buckingham Palace and a council house.
Enter via the Ground floor, which is the Euro Dance Center taking care not to knock over the dancers!
If you see a dashing, hunky, sexy and attractive man, that's definitely not me!
I'm the little old guy near reception or hidden in the corner drinking coffee.

We are about 10 minutes’ walk from Troisdorf station.
If you have short little legs, it may take you a bit longer.
We have a large garage, but that's not a lot of use to you if you’re coming by train is it?
However, it has great acoustics if you want to get in some trumpet practice!

If you need any help or assistance, do contact me.
I probably won’t be of much use or help, but I do have the knack of locating a responsible human being who probably can.

I will happily present you with your keys, providing I didn’t leave them in the top pocket of my shirt, which is currently in the washing machine!
Have a safe journey and welcome to the madhouse.

The Boss (except when my wife is around)!